NPIP 2010 Conference

Real Solutions for Today

March 19, 2010 • Bell Harbor Conference Center • Seattle, WA

This Training Is for You

  • executive directors
  • chief operating officers
  • chief financial officers and treasurers
  • fiscal managers
  • professional risk managers
  • program managers
  • board members
  • advisors to nonprofits

Conference Agenda

7:30–9:00 am NPIP Member Breakfast
8:30–9:00 am Registration
9:30-10:15 am

Opening Plenary Session

10:15–10:30 am Break
10:30–11:45 am


Legal Basics for Non-Lawyers

The American legal system is the subject of ongoing debate, countless publications, and a growing number of television dramas and situation comedies. Yet the legal field is intimidating - many nonprofit leaders feel that lawyers speak a different language, view the world through a lens of cynicism, and disregard practical matters when making recommendations about the way in which a nonprofit organization should operate. This workshop is an antidote for anxiety about legal exposures. Attend this program to:

  • understand what steps are important to steer clear of legal trouble, minimize the risk of lawsuits and claims, and refrain from jeopardizing your nonprofit’s position in a legal battle;
  • proceed more confidently about your business without unwarranted fear of legal liability and frivolous lawsuits;
  • manage your nonprofit’s affairs in a way that complies with legal rules and requirements;

Some of the topics that will be covered in this fast paced program include: contract risks, board liability, intellectual property, privacy, surviving a lawsuit, and managing legal costs.

Speaker: Melanie Lockwood Herman, Executive Director, Nonprofit Risk Management Center

NPIP - Delivering Insight and Solutions for Nonprofits

Come and get an insider’s look at the Non Profit Insurance Program. During this session we will share how your member-owned, member-driven insurance program delivers you usable insights and real solutions to meet today’s needs while preparing for tomorrow’s uncertainties. We will discuss what sets NPIP apart from other insurance alternatives and how our philosophy is working to benefit the nonprofit industry during these challenging economic times. Bring your questions and we’ll have the answers as you learn how NPIP is more than just insurance.

Speaker: Paul Harrison, ARM-P, Canfield

Crisis Management & Business Continuity Planning

Developing a business continuity plan is essential to turning adversity into advantage when faced with crisis. This informative workshop will equip you with essential steps required for maintaining the mission/services of your organization in the midst of disaster. By identifying key resources, potential risks and determining exposures within your organization, you can stand resilient when faced with the unexpected. This training focuses on sustaining the delivery of programs and services essential to your nonprofit’s survival.

Speaker: Thomas Stredwick, Canfield

11:45–1:00 pm Lunch
1:00–2:15 pm


Volunteer Liability: What You Don’t Know About

Experienced volunteer coordinators and nonprofit CEOs know full well that volunteer service is anything but free of charge. Astute leaders must proceed with care when recruiting, training and deploying volunteers. Experts are predicting that volunteer numbers will climb as poor economic conditions continue. This workshop will explore some obvious, and some less-than-obvious risks presented by volunteers and offer practical strategies for getting the most out of volunteer service.

Speaker: Melanie Lockwood Herman, Executive Director, Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Seven Fundraising Risks to Avoid and What to do Instead

Find out what other organizations have learned the hard way, and how you can prevent the most common fundraising foibles. Then learn how to generate the most money with the least effort, regardless of the economy.

Speaker: Susan Howlett, Seattle, WA (

Risk Communication: What You Say, How You Say It

As leaders in your organization, having a strategy and method for communicating information about risk to key audiences is vital. Risk communication is an ongoing process: it is not limited to a single event. It requires proactive and strategic planning to identify stakeholders, their concerns and actions to address the issues regarding risk. Effective risk communication improves decision-making, both individually and collectively; reduces anxieties about risk; educates all stakeholders and brings a greater appreciation of limited resources and difficult choices; and most importantly helps increase coordination and develop relationships between all partners.

Speaker: Chris Youngberg, Canfield

2:15–2:30 pm Break
2:30–4:00 pm

Closing Plenary Session

Culture: Changing Our Attitudes and Behavior

Inspiring sound risk management practices in a mission-driven organization requires more than a process or framework and an hour in the conference room. Truly effective risk management efforts in the nonprofit sector take place when culture change is the guiding vision for the effort. The presenter for this workshop will discuss proven strategies for inspiring the culture change necessary to ensuring the effectiveness of any risk management effort. Some of the concepts discussed in this workshop are inspired from material in the Center’s brand-new book, Ready...or Not: A Risk Management Guide for Nonprofit Executives.

Speaker: Melanie Lockwood Herman, Executive Director, Nonprofit Risk Management Center

4:00 pm Wrap up (Acknowledgements and Prizes)
4:30 pm Conference Ends


Melanie Lockwood Herman
Melanie serves as Executive Director of the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, a position she has held since 1996. As the Center’s CEO, Melanie has written and co-authored more than 15 books on various risk management topics, and has delivered countless workshops and keynote presentations to nonprofit leaders in the U.S. and abroad. Melanie provides expert help to nonprofit boards and senior staff seeking risk management advice on topics ranging from governance risk to employment practices, financial risk management, protecting vulnerable clients, volunteer risk management, and merger/collaboration risks. She also regularly delivers presentations on insurance topics for audiences seeking to better understand their insurance needs and existing insurance policies. In 2007 and 2008, Melanie was named to the Non Profit Times Power & Influence Top 50, a list of executives and thinkers...selected for the impact they have now and for the innovative plans they are putting in place to evolve the charitable sector. In late 2009 Melanie addressed the topic of Risk Management Standards for Nonprofit Organizations: Challenges and Opportunities, at the International Conference on Risk Assessment and Management, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in Geneva, Switzerland. Her most recent books are Ready...or Not: A Risk Management Guide for Nonprofit Executives (2009) and EXPOSED: A Legal Field Guide for Nonprofit Executives (2009). Melanie is a graduate of American University and the George Mason University School of Law.

Susan Howlett
Susan has been raising money joyfully for 35 years, the last 20 as a consultant to over 1000 nonprofits. She serves as core faculty in the Fundraising Certificate Program at the University of Washington, where she received their 2004 Award for Teaching Excellence. She developed the Nonprofit Management Certificate Program at Bellevue Community College, where she has taught grant writing, fundraising and board classes for 15 years. Co-author of the definitive text for grant seekers, Getting Funded: The Complete Guide to Writing Grant Proposals, Susan headed The Puget Sound Grant Writers Association for ten years and many of her current clients are grant makers who hire Susan to strengthen the nonprofits they fund. She was awarded a lifetime Professional Achievement Award by the Northwest Development Officers Association in 2001 and she speaks, trains and consults nationally - due to her reputation for offering simple solutions to complex, systemic problems, delivered with stories, humor and chocolate.

Paul Harrison, ARM-P
As a Loss Control Representative for Canfield, Paul has designed and built risk control tools that many NPIP members have utilized to help them reduce their exposure to loss for nearly 10 years. He works collaboratively with organizations to assist them in bringing about comprehensive safety and loss control programs. Paul is focused on assisting the organizations he serves with achieving measurable risk management strategies and goals. In addition to his professional role with Canfield, Paul is an active member of his local community. He serves as Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Department and as a member of a citizens committee created to evaluate best use of resources for his local City. He also serves as a volunteer for various community fundraisers. Paul has received his Bachelor’s Degree from Washington State University with an emphasis on Risk Management.

Thomas Stredwick
Thomas is a Marketing Representative and Account Education Presenter for Canfield. He offers both a qualified and informed view of working with nonprofits, as well as members of the media, based on his background as the Washington State Regional Director of Communications and Marketing for the American Red Cross. In his role, Thomas worked extensively with crisis communication & media relation issues. His experience lends a ground-level understanding of the challenges facing the nonprofit arena. His ability to impart meaningful Public Affairs strategies from a nonprofit lens, offers insights into typical situations that many nonprofit organizations confront on a daily basis. Thomas received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Gonzaga University where he majored in Applied Communication Studies. His grass-roots experience combined with his educational achievements provide meaningful insights that have benefited many of the NPIP members.

Chris Youngberg
As the Director of Account Education for Canfield, Chris designs, creates and oversees the delivery of Canfield’s training curriculum. Each year over one thousand trainings are conducted by the Canfield Account Education staff. These trainings cover a wide variety of topics aimed at assisting organizations with reducing their exposures to risk. Chris has also developed and organized many seminars and conferences specifically intended to address issues impacting the programs Canfield administers. She has personally consulted and provided many NPIP members with a strategic perspective and a broad range of technical skills relating to the management of risk through education. In addition to her professional career, Chris is very active as a volunteer for many local organizations. Some of these groups include working with youth arts programs, co-founding a local music festival, and serving as a city council member. Prior to joining Canfield, Chris earned her Master’s in Education from Central Washington University. She would go on to teach in the public education sector for 18 years. During her time as an elementary and secondary educator she received numerous local and regional honors and recognitions.

Conference Workshops

  • Legal Basics for Non-Lawyers
  • NPIP - Delivering Insight and Solutions for Nonprofits
  • Crisis Management & Business Continuity Planning
  • Volunteer Liability: What You Don’t Know About
  • Fund Raising and Collaboration Risk
  • Risk Communication: What You Say, How You Say It
  • Culture: Changing Our Attitudes and Behavior

Conference Partners

Executive Alliance   The Nonprofit Center  Northwest Nonprofit Resources
Canfield & Associates

Conference Location

Bell Harbor International Conference Center
2211 Alaskan Way Pier 66
Seattle, WA
phone: (206) 441-6666


Edgewater Hotel
Adjacent to Bell Harbor
phone: (800) 624-0670

Marriott Seattle Waterfront
Across the street from Bell Harbor
phone: (206) 443-5000


Directions from I-5 South

  • Take Exit 167 (West Mercer Street/Fairview Avenue)
  • Turn right onto Fairview Avenue
  • Take the first left onto Valley Street
  • Stay left; Valley Street merges into Broad Street
  • Continue on Broad Street to Elliot Avenue, and turn left
  • Once you pass the Wall Street intersection, park in the Art Institute of Seattle parking garage on your immediate right

Directions from I-5 North

  • Take the Madison Street exit (also called Convention Place exit)
  • Turn left onto Madison Street
  • Stay on Madison Street until you come to the waterfront
  • Turn right on Alaskan Way
  • You will pass Pier 66 on your left; the next street after the sky bridge is Wall Street. Turn right on Wall Street.
  • Turn right on Elliott Avenue
  • Park in the Art Institute of Seattle parking garage on your immediate right

Conference Registration Fee

  • $45 for NPIP members
  • $95 for nonmembers
  • Free for Brokers

The Conference Registration Fee includes breakfast and lunch. Registrants will also receive a resource guide containing handout materials.

Refund Policy

Cancellations received in writing by March 5, 2010 will be eligible for a refund, minus a $45 processing fee. No refunds will be given after March 5, 2010, however all registrations are transferable.

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