Tune in to The Risk Jockeys, a risk management podcast for nonprofit leaders, created by the Nonprofit Risk Management Center’s Melanie Lockwood Herman, and AHT Insurance’s Derek Symer.

Derek is a Principal and Senior Vice President at AHT, where he leads the nonprofit practice with a deep understanding of risk and mission stewardship. Melanie is the Executive Director of NRMC, and has years of insight into risk leadership in the nonprofit sector.

During each Risk Jockeys podcast, Melanie and Derek will explore a risk management topic of relevance to nonprofit leaders. Email Derek (dsymer@ahtins.com) or Melanie (Melanie@nonprofitrisk.org) to request a topic of interest!


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Season 1: Podcast #1 – Risk Management Lingo

~9 minutes | Recorded 10.25.17


Season 1: Podcast #2 – D&O: What You Might Not Know

~8 minutes | Recorded 11.14.17


Season 1: Podcast #3 – Ho Ho Hold On There! Managing Office Party Risks

~8.5 minutes | Recorded 12.16.17

Season 1: Podcast #4 – Ring In the New Year with Risk Management Resolutions

~7.5 minutes | Recorded 12.16.17


Season 2: Podcast #1 – Risk Lessons from the Silver Screen

~14.8 minutes | Recorded 05.30.18