Portfolio of Ready Reference Pages, Volume IV


Compiled from Don Kramer's Nonprofit Issues. Each issue of Nonprofit Issues includes a Ready Reference Page summarizing some aspect of the rules and regulations that control nonprofit activity.

Volume IV

Volume IV of the Portfolio is a compilation of 11 more Ready Reference Pages from Nonprofit Issues. Topics covered include:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions Can Take Many Forms
  • Mergers and Affiliations Require 'Due Diligence'
  • Terminating Private Foundations May Be Tricky
  • Group Exemption Can Ease Burden on Affiliates
  • Charities Weigh Restructuring to Protect Assets
  • Charity Fundraisers Raise Many Legal Issues
  • Six Ways to Jump Start Your Planned Giving
  • IRS Explains Common Mistakes on Form 990
  • E-mail Policies Can Reduce Risks of Liability
  • Private Operating Foundations Are Hybrids
  • The Key Question: Whose Organization Is It?