Portfolio of Ready Reference Pages, Volume III


Compiled from Don Kramer's Nonprofit Issues. Each issue of Nonprofit Issues includes a Ready Reference Page summarizing some aspect of the rules and regulations that control nonprofit activity.

Volume III

Volume III of the Portfolio is a compilation of 11 more Ready Reference Pages from Nonprofit Issues. Topics covered include:

  • Directors Often Fear Risks of Personal Liability
  • Charities May Not Participate in Elections
  • Be Careful Handling Gifts With Strings Attached
  • Employment Record-Keeping Requirements
  • Here's the Background on §527 Political Funds
  • Corporations Have Special Rules on Contributions
  • Donor Advised Funds Growing in Popularity
  • Title Holding Companies Have Limited Uses
  • Supporting Organizations Are Public Charities
  • Conflict of Interest Policies Help Avoid Problems
  • LLC's Becoming Entity of Choice for Subsidiaries