Portfolio of Ready Reference Pages, Volume II


Compiled from Don Kramer's Nonprofit Issues. Each issue of Nonprofit Issues includes a Ready Reference Page summarizing some aspect of the rules and regulations that control nonprofit activity.

Volume II

Volume II of the Portfolio is a compilation of 11 more Ready Reference Pages from Nonprofit Issues. Topics covered in Volume II include:

  • IRS Clarifies Rules on 'Flip' Unitrusts
  • Form 990 Offers a Public Relations Opportunity
  • Volunteer Contract Can Define Commitments
  • What May You Ask in an Employment Interview?
  • Charities Must Take Care in Serving as Conduits
  • Primer on Planned Giving,
  • Parts I and II
  • Calculating Public Support Percentages,
  • Parts I and II
  • IRS Muses on Internet Issues for Nonprofits
  • Classify: Employee or Independent Contractor?