Kids Matter: Managing the Risk of Bullying

October 28, 2015 The Fall 2015 issue of the Center’s periodic newsletter, Risk Management Essentials, is now available. This edition focuses on child safety in nonprofit organizations, particularly youth-serving organizations. One of our talented summer interns, Lexie Williams, wrote the cover article on ‘Cyberbullying & Cyber Threats to Young People.’ This hot topic receives more … Continued

New Year, New List: Establish a Risk Management To Do List

By Melanie Lockwood Herman It’s a new year, and here at the Center we’ve got a whole year’s worth of tips and trainings for you. Our web site currently features a new issue of Risk Management Essentials kicked off with an article by Melanie Herman, Executive Director of the Center, that is designed to help … Continued

Risk and the Board: What Could Go Wrong?

By Melanie Lockwood Herman During my career I’ve reported to and served on some terrific nonprofit boards. And something I’ve learned first-hand is that no two nonprofit boards are exactly alike. From size, to focus to meeting format, nonprofit boards are perhaps best compared to snowflakes: each is different in some respects from the others. … Continued

Top 10 Fundraising Risks for Nonprofits

By Melanie Lockwood Herman The words “fundraising” and “risk management” are rarely used in the same sentence. One reason the topic of “fundraising risk” is infrequently discussed by nonprofit decision-makers may be because responsibility for “fundraising” is often assigned to the development team, while “risk management” is led by the finance department or client services … Continued

New Year, New List Five Risk Management Resolutions for Your Nonprofit

New Year, New List Five Risk Management Resolutions for Your Nonprofit By Melanie Lockwood Herman During a recent airline trip I opened the in-flight magazine and saw an ad for an expensive piece of exercise equipment that promised an effective cardiovascular workout with only four minutes of effort. The longer I stared at the photo … Continued

Managing Risk in Turbulent Times

Managing Risk in Turbulent Times Mix equal measures of optimism and resolve and bake until golden By Melanie Lockwood Herman I’ve been told that I am an incurable optimist. No matter where I stand or sit, I can’t help thinking that tomorrow is a fount of wonderful possibilities. I’ll admit that there have been a few … Continued

Crisis Management Essentials

Every nonprofit would be well-served to spend time planning how it will cope with a crisis. The crisis management plan for your nonprofit will detail how you will deliver your organization’s programs despite adverse conditions. The strategies should encompass events such as fires, explosions, power outages, natural disasters, theft, embezzlement or the death of the … Continued

Is Your Board an Asset, or a Liability?

By Melanie Lockwood Herman  This week I’ve been reflecting on the role of a nonprofit board in risk management. A nonprofit board is: A line of defense, a powerful radar system that can help detect incoming opportunities as well as threats A vision magnifier, a diverse board helps the management team see far beyond the … Continued

All Aboard: Embracing ERM in Your Nonprofit

By Melanie Lockwood Herman If you’ve been hearing references to Enterprise Risk Management or ERM frameworks you’re probably wondering whether this particular incarnation of risk management is relevant to your organization. You may also be wondering whether transforming a perfectly good risk management function into an ERM program is worth the time, effort, and expense. … Continued

Don’t Be Dispassionate: How to Use Emotional Impulses to Make Better Decisions

By Glenn Mott Recently, I had an opportunity to read a special issue of the Harvard Business Review called “The Brain Science Behind Business”—a compilation of previously published articles about neuroscience. Reading these articles got me thinking about the role of heuristics in risk management. Heuristics refers to a set of rules we develop through … Continued