Risk Aware Boards

This webinar explores the topic of governance risk. What risks arise from the work of board? How does the responsibility of a nonprofit board differ from that of a for-profit board? What steps are recommended to engage the board without frightening members and encouraging risk-averse positions or policies? By the end of this webinar you’ll … Continued

Risk and Reward: Protecting Your Tax Exempt Status

This webinar will explore strategies for protecting your nonprofit’s tax exempt status. Critical topics that will be covered include: the importance of key governance policies, making sure that your nonprofit generates the right” kind of revenue, managing joint ventures and other revenue-generating programs to minimize exemption and UBIT risks, and steering clear of “deal breakers,” … Continued

Fiscal Oversight, Risk and the Nonprofit Board

One of the most important responsibilities of a nonprofit board is fiscal oversight. Yet many board members remain unclear about what exactly that means. This webinar will explore the board’s role in providing fiscal oversight and risk oversight. Attend this program to learn more about these important responsibilities and how to inspire the board to … Continued

Outdated or Poorly Written Governing Documents: What Are the Risks and What Can You Do?

Bylaws, board minutes, codes of conduct, and other governance policies need to be clearly written and reflect how your nonprofit operates or they are of little value in protecting the organization. Their purpose is to provide commonality of behavior, which gives direction to the leadership and protection by intent in the event of a dispute, … Continued

The Board’s Role in Risk Management

Risk is inherent in nonprofit organizations as in every other sector of the economy. One of the roles of the board is to ensure the systematic identification of the risks that threaten the mission and survival of a nonprofit organization. What is the board’s responsibility for risk management and how can board members discharge this … Continued

The Risk Management Process

By the Nonprofit Risk Management Center Measures to address risk should be practical and within the reach of the organization. Every nonprofit, from the largest to the smallest, can and should take time to look into the future and predict both downside and upside risks. In fact risk management is extremely important for small nonprofits … Continued

The Role of Resilience in Risk Management

By Melanie Lockwood Herman As consultants to diverse organizations we encounter dedicated leaders and the nonprofits they serve at various stages of their respective risk management journeys. On one day we may consult with the board of a nonprofit considering the risks and rewards of a significant change in governance or structure (e.g., a merger … Continued

Governance Matters

By Melanie Lockwood Herman Strengthening the governance practices at your organization requires more than a checklist or handbook touting “do’s” and “don’ts.” Leaders who want to inspire good governance must take the time necessary to look beneath the surface of often complex governance issues and commit to remedying issues that stand in the way of … Continued

Meet Me in the Middle: Compromise in a Risky World

By Melanie Lockwood Herman Compromise and consensus are common themes in the nonprofit world. When debating controversial issues we are eager to discount “extreme” views and look for middle ground. Compromise—“the middle way between two extremes” is intuitively appealing. But another definition of compromise—“settle by concession”—offers a hint of the downside of our compulsion to … Continued

Risk Management Culture and Your Volunteers

By Melanie Lockwood Herman We’ve been obsessed with “culture” in recent weeks. At a conference I attended in Toronto in mid-August Nancy Axelrod, governance guru and founding President of the Nonprofit Risk Management Center told an audience of nonprofit CEOs that “culture trumps strategy.” Nancy’s comments reminded me that no matter how carefully a nonprofit’s … Continued