Technology Mishaps: Planning for IT and Communications Disasters

By Christy Grano For most of us, the word “disaster” usually brings to mind a natural disaster like a hurricane or a tsunami, but in the risk management world technology disasters immediately come to mind. An unexpected loss of data or communication can bring an entire organization to a halt if power, internet, email, or … Continued

Social Engineering: Why People with Passwords are the Biggest Threat to Your Mission

By Melanie Lockwood Herman During a recent conversation with my daughter, she explained how despite the beautiful building, appealing inventory, and ideal location of her first retail job, she viewed it as the “worst place to work.” Why? “The people,” she explained. “If even half of the managers had been kind, supportive, patient or pleasant, … Continued

Cyberbullying & Cyber Threats to Young People

By Lexie Williams In August of 2009, a nonprofit college preparatory day school in Los Angeles was sued for $100 million dollars by a student’s parents following a case of on-site cyberbullying. The incident occurred when nine students accessed another student’s personal website from school computers and left death threats. The lawsuit alleged negligence committed … Continued

Avoid Distracted Driving: Don’t Get Teary & Put Down Siri

Whether it is sending a quick text or recalling a very emotional memory or event, distracted driving is incredibly commonplace on roads throughout the United States and abroad. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) describes three primary varieties of distraction: visual—taking your eyes off the road manual—taking your hands off the wheel cognitive—taking … Continued

Go Phishing: Understanding Current Cyber Terms and Risks

Join us as we explore hot topics and trends in cyber security, including cloud computing risks, email scams such as phishing, and risks associated with BYOD programs. The webinar will help define and explain these risks, and will provide risk tips on how to protect your nonprofit from cyber threats. Learn how to identify weaknesses that expose your … Continued

Risk in the Cloud: Keep Your Assets Protected When Flying High

Are you leery of cloud computing? Many nonprofit leaders are considering the upsides of cloud computing, but remain concerned about data security in the cloud. This webinar will explore security risks in a cloud computing environment and offer actionable tips and recommendations to smooth your transition to the cloud. This content-packed webinar will address the … Continued

BYOD: Managing the Risk of Personal Devices at Work

Many nonprofit employees are asking to use personal devices for business purposes, including devices containing apps, music collections, photos and more. This webinar will explore the risks and rewards of the “BYOD” movement — Bring Your Own Device. Tune in for practical advice on managing the risks of dual-use devices in a nonprofit workplace, including … Continued

Remote Workers: Plugged in Resources or Unmanaged Risk?

Is working from home an efficient alternative to the traditional office job or does it drain or even kill productivity and camaraderie? According to a recent CareerBuilder study, 10% of U.S. workers telecommute at least once a week, up from eight percent in 2007. Cloud computing and high speed wireless networks have made remote worker programs affordable … Continued

Managing Technology Risks: Employee and Volunteer Blogs, e-Commerce, and Internet Piracy

Organizations are finding that technology is both a blessing and a curse: easy access to information on the outside can also mean easy access by the public to the nonprofit’s proprietary information and to employees’ use (and abuse) of the Internet. Blogs, employees’/volunteers’ Web sites and e-mail, as well as e-commerce activities of nonprofits themselves … Continued

Workplace Privacy: Steering Clear of Danger While Protecting Your Nonprofit

The issue of privacy in the workplace presents challenges for nonprofit employers. While on one hand employers do not want employees to feel uneasy because “big brother” is watching their every move, smart employers know that full access to an employee’s physical and electronic workspace is necessary for legal compliance and to protect the assets … Continued

Adopt a Total Ban on PED Use While Driving

January 26, 2016 By Melanie Lockwood Herman Since we began offering free RISK HELP to our Affiliate Members in 2012, we have answered a wide array of risk questions–some highly unusual. Last week we received this quirky question from two incredibly different member organizations: should we adopt a complete ban on the use of personal … Continued

Cyber Liability: Internet Killed the Radio Star

By Erin Gloeckner Remember the first music video that premiered on MTV? The Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star” questioned the impact of new technology on the music industry. Technology and music videos have come a long way since then, and cyber culture continues to be both a benefit and a burden for public entities … Continued