Nonprofit Mergers: A Sum is Stronger than its Parts

Nonprofits merge for a variety of reasons. Common motivations to merge include: the opportunity to more efficiently serve a shared constituency, as a response to funder pressure, or to prevent the mission of an organization in decline from disappearing altogether. This webinar will explore the risks that accompany the rewards of a merger. Learn how … Continued

Risk Management and Strategic Planning

Nonprofit leaders are long accustomed to strategic planning exercises that involve the examination of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The fine-tuning of an organization’s vision” and “mission” statements is often part of the process. This webinar will explore ways to integrate an appreciation for risk into your planning cycle. Learn how to update your planning … Continued

Foster Dissent, Quiet Consensus

April 27, 2016 By Melanie Lockwood Herman I’ve been a fan of dissent–over comfortable consensus–for some time. While finishing Adam Grant’s book, Originals, I discovered some new insights into why and how consensus and groupthink pair up to kill innovation. Grant describes how Polaroid made strides in electronic imaging in the early 1980s, and finished … Continued

Contemplating Coverage: Insurance for Nonprofits

By Melanie Lockwood Herman and Erin Gloeckner Are you suddenly responsible for buying insurance for your nonprofit? Or perhaps you have been responsible for some time but have just realized that there are a few gaps in your understanding of what you buy, why you buy it and how to evaluate providers, products and the … Continued

Make Mission Magic by Tidying Up

June 17, 2015 By Melanie Lockwood Herman During a short trip to Chicago last week I purchased an interesting book for the flight home: “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up,” by Marie Kondo. I was equally intrigued by–and skeptical of–the book’s promise to change my life. Marie Kondo is a Japanese cleaning consultant who divides … Continued