Person of Interest: Soliciting Insights from Staff In-the-Know

By Erin Gloeckner “It’s better to be interested than interesting.” – Oprah Winfrey  Are you a fan of true crime TV? In a crime drama, “person of interest” refers to an individual who possesses information that is potentially relevant to an investigation. While some persons of interest might come forward themselves, they are often identified … Continued

Risk Oversight & Risk Reporting to the Board

Quench your board’s thirst for assurance that your staff teams are carefully managing risks at the operational level. Learn to deliver a compelling risk report to your board that inspires confidence and productive conversation. Also learn about the board’s risk oversight role, and gain practical tips for engaging your board in your ERM program. This … Continued

Engaging the Board in Forecasting and Managing Risk

Ideally, you want managing risk to be second nature to your board and senior managers. Sign on for this 1-hour online program and then point the board towards an enlightened understanding of risk and risk taking. Learn how to keep the board fully apprised of your agency’s risks without causing undue concern or worry. Watch … Continued