When the Weather Outside is Frightful: Designing an Inclement Weather Policy

Whether your nonprofit is located in Tampa or Toronto, bad weather is inevitable. No matter if your bad weather consists of intense heat, hurricanes or endless snow, join the Center to learn about the importance of inclement weather policies, a key aspect of your nonprofit’s employee handbook. Avoid getting caught in the next storm unprepared, and attend … Continued

BYOD: Managing the Risk of Personal Devices at Work

Many nonprofit employees are asking to use personal devices for business purposes, including devices containing apps, music collections, photos and more. This webinar will explore the risks and rewards of the “BYOD” movement — Bring Your Own Device. Tune in for practical advice on managing the risks of dual-use devices in a nonprofit workplace, including … Continued

Conflicts of Interest: Uncover, Understand and Act

There are just two types of nonprofits: the type that chooses to manage conflicts of interest and the type that chooses to ignore them. Attend this webinar to gain a nuanced and practical view about conflicts of interest in a nonprofit organization. Join us to learn how to develop a fit-to-suit approach to revealing and … Continued

Codes of Conduct: Cover Your Assets

Nonprofit organizations use codes of conduct for a variety of purposes. This webinar explores the use of a code of conduct as a risk management tool. During the program you’ll learn important do’s and don’ts for codes of conduct that apply to clients or consumers; staff and volunteers; and even the board. By the end … Continued