Risk Reporting

When it comes to managing risk, keeping informed can be half the battle. The challenge comes with designing a system of reports. What reports make the most sense for the organization? Who is going to write and update the reports? Who reviews the reports? Are there any action items that occur based on the report? … Continued

Financial Due Diligence: It’s More Than Checking Boxes

Due diligence and risk management are inextricably linked. Many leaders think of due diligence in the context of managing the risks of contractual arrangements, partnerships or new business ventures. Some may see due diligence as a checking-the-box” process that boils down to confirming facts. This narrow view trivializes the process. Effective due diligence requires the willingness to look for indicators that may signal … Continued

Risks of Generating Revenue: Charities Doing Good or Doing Business?

Today’s charities are partnering with for-profits, selling goods and services and adopting commercial business models. Diversification of revenue sources are all the vogue, but such activity can either compliment or sabotage your mission. What risks will your nonprofit take in exchange for that extra revenue? Watch this Webinar if your nonprofit is thinking about diversifying … Continued


September 12, 2017

Greencastle, IN

Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network

“Financial Best Practices and Essential Policies”

September 13, 2017

Lafayette, IN

Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network

“Minimizing Risk and Preventing Fraud”