The Nonprofit Risk Management Center team develops practical, interactive web and mobile applications that help nonprofit Risk Champions move their missions forward!


Risk Benchmarking App

Want to know how your risk management program compares to that of other nonprofits? The Risk Benchmarking App allows nonprofit leaders to compare their risk management practices to those of peer organizations. The Risk Benchmarking App uses five commonly asked questions to compare nonprofit risk management practices based on operating revenue, location, and service type. We plan to add new questions to the App over time, so check back to see what’s new.

We need your data! Participate in the Risk Benchmarking App and help us build a pool of data for the nonprofit sector. We need data to make the Risk Benchmarking App work, so please invite your colleagues at other nonprofits to use the App today.

Explore the Risk Benchmarking App at

The NRMC team thanks First Nonprofit Foundation for its grant, which enabled us to develop the Risk Benchmarking App as a free resource for the nonprofit sector.




My Risk Management Plan

Want to show your stakeholders how your nonprofit team manages risk? My Risk Management Plan enables users to easily draft a custom risk management plan. You can share your Risk Management Plan as a Word document or PDFs, or return to the My Risk Management Plan app to store and edit your Plan virtually.

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My Risk Management Policies

Need to draft a new policy today? My Risk Management Policies enables users to draft custom policies in minutes. My Risk Management Policies helps users customize sample policy language to create a policy suitable for their organizations. My Risk Management Policies offers 170+ policies, many of which are suitable for an employee handbook, and others are core organizational policies that most nonprofits need. You can share your policies as Word documents or PDFs, or return to the My Risk Management Policies app to store and edit your policies virtually–it’s like a virtual policy filing cabinet!

Our Affiliate Members can purchase My Risk Management Policies for only $29! JOIN TODAY!

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Need to know if your volunteers are protected from liability?

VolunteerProtect! is our FREE mobile app that provides users with the full text of the Volunteer Protection Act of 1997, as well as specific state laws that provide protection from liability for volunteers. With this app, you can read the federal law and look up the specific laws that apply in your state.

Download VolunteerProtect! in the Google Play store (Android devices) or the App Store (Apple devices).