Hand and Power Tool Safety

Only professionals and people who have been trained in their proper use should use power tools.

Use tools properly. The most dangerous tool is the screwdriver because it is used incorrectly so often.

Never lower or carry a power tool by its cord.

Clean tools daily.

Power tools should be checked for defective switches, cords, plugs and proper grounding.

Defective tools should not be used and should either immediately be reported to the supervisor or labeled and brought to the appropriate person/department for repair immediately.

Personnel should use personal protective equipment including protective eye covering and earplugs any time they are operating power tools or when instructed by a supervisor.

Rotating or moving parts of equipment are guarded to prevent physical contact with the operator.

Power tools are used with the correct shield, guard or attachment recommended by the manufacturer.

All cord-connected, electrically operated tools and equipment are effectively grounded or of the approved double insulated type.

Portable fans are provided with full guards or screens having openings of ½-inch or less.