Storage and Care of Repair and Maintenance Tools

Answer “Yes” or “No.”

Are tools and equipment inspected upon checkout or start-up?

Are the power cords inspected to make sure they are not damaged or frayed?

Do staff and volunteers know what the city ordinances/state laws are regarding noise pollution or the times of day when leaf blowers or lawnmowers are not to be used?

Are safety attachments such as shields or safety guards always in place before the tool is used?

Are maintenance procedures used to ensure that tools are cleaned after use and stored in a safe manner?

Are staff and volunteers required to demonstrate that they can use the tool safely and in the manner that is recommended by the manufacturer before they are required to use it?

Are damaged tools reported to maintenance services and separated from tools available for use?

If tools are gasoline powered, is the gasoline stored in approved containers? Are the containers stored in an approved location?