Keeping a Clean and Safe Office Space

Answer “Yes” or “No.”

Kitchens, including refrigerators, are cleaned at least once a week.

Bathrooms are cleaned on a daily basis, and supplies, such as bath tissue, are replenished.

There are adequate trash receptacles to accommodate the amount of trash generated on a daily basis.

Trash and garbage is disposed of at least once a day.

Papers and other materials are filed at least weekly.

Countertops, phones and desktops are sanitized on a routine basis.

Cleaning supplies are stored separately from other supplies in clearly marked cupboards.

Toxic materials are clearly marked and stored in a secure location.

Floors, carpets and upholstered furniture are vacuumed at least weekly.

Dust is minimized to reduce the potential for allergic reaction.

Water is not allowed to stand and/or drip to prevent the formation of mold and mildew.

Carpets are shampooed on a regular basis.

Hardwood, tile, stone or linoleum floors are washed on a weekly basis.