Fact Sheet

Food Preparation Hazard Prevention

Restaurants and industrial kitchens harbor many potential accidents categorized as slips, trips and falls; lifting and carrying; burns; fires; cuts; and chemicals.

Minimizing Slips, Trips & Falls in Food Service

Keep the floor clean.

Keep the floor dry

Make daily inspections to identify and correct that:

Minimizing Lifting and Carrying Injuries in Food Service

Minimizing Burns in Food Service

Minimizing Fires in Food Service

Teaching food service workers simple housekeeping rules can do a lot. They should:

Employees should all know that if a fire occurs, they should respond quickly and properly. They should know the building evacuation plan, what the alarm sounds like, how to turn on the alarm, where to find a proper extinguisher and how to use it. There are different extinguishers for different sources of fire: grease, chemical, electrical, and paper.

Minimize Cuts

Minimize Chemical Hazards

Teach workers:


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