Emergency Evacuation

Staff members know what to do if the fire alarm sounds, or if an “evacuate immediately” order is given.

Exits are clearly marked and emergency lighting is operational.

Vendors and constituents are escorted out of the building in the event of a fire or emergency.

Staff, Vendors and constituents have an assembly point at a safe distance from the building.

There is a staff member responsible for taking attendance and for reporting the number of individuals who are missing to the emergency response personnel.

There is an alternate meeting place (known to all staff) in the event that the primary meeting place is either not available or unsafe.

There are special procedures for employees who perform or shut down critical plant operations—and the employees know what to do.

Evacuation drills are held at random intervals, at least annually.

Security procedures, such as cordoned off areas, are used to prevent unauthorized access and protect vital records and equipment.