Floor and Wall Openings

     Are floor openings guarded by a cover, a guardrail, or equivalent on all sides (except at entrance to stairways or ladders)?
     Are toeboards installed around the edges of permanent floor openings (where persons may pass below the opening)?
     Are skylight screens of such construction and mounting that they will withstand a load of at least 200 pounds?
     Is the glass in the windows, doors, glass walls, etc., which are subject to human impact, of sufficient thickness and type for the condition of use?
     Are grates or similar type covers over floor openings such as floor drains of such design that foot traffic or rolling equipment will not be affected by the grate spacing?
     Are unused portions of service pits and pits not actually in use either covered or protected by guardrails or equivalent?
     Are manhole covers, trench covers and similar covers, plus their supports designed to carry a truck rear axle load of at least 20,000 pounds when located in roadways and subject to vehicle traffic?
     Are floor or wall openings in fire resistive construction provided with doors or covers compatible with the fire rating of the structure and provided with a self-closing feature when appropriate?

OSHA Self-Inspection Checklist