Bloodborne Pathogens

Answer “Yes” or “No.”

Bloodborne pathogens can enter the skin from a needlestick, through a cut or by improperly handling equipment.

Bloodborne pathogens are a hazard for employees and volunteers.

We have an exposure plan.

The plan includes training, prevention, treatment and reporting procedures.
All employees and volunteers whose job responsibilities expose them to blood receive training.

Training is offered at no cost to employees during normal working hours.

Training covers how employees might be exposed, what personal protective equipment to wear, how to dispose of the PPE and any infected items, how to identify biohazard waste containers, what to do immediately if they are contaminated.

Blood and approved waste containers are appropriately labeled.

Appropriate personal protective equipment to protect against contamination by blood is provided to employees.

Designated areas or containers are provided for PPE storage, washing, decontamination or disposal.

Staff members are trained in and use Universal Precautions.