ADA Compliance and Safety Issues

Answer “Yes” or “No.”

Are paths wide, slip-resistant and free of debris?

Are parking spaces 96-inches wide?

Are there inclined ramps instead of, or as well as stairs?

Are floors and paths nonslippery?

If floors and paths are wet, are signs posted warning of this hazard?

Are turnaround spaces in restrooms and elevators 51 inches wide?

Are doors 32 inches wide?

Are door handles, light switches within reach and easily operated?

Are lights, including emergency lighting, tested to ensure that hallways and walkways are always well lit?

Are bathrooms, ramps and stairs equipped with handrails?

If you have 15 or fewer employees, you aren’t legally bound to comply; however, public perception of noncompliance could land the public entity very negative media attention. Are you willing to risk this negative attention?