Safety Rules and Guidelines 

To ensure your safety, and that of your co-workers, please observe and obey the rules and guidelines appropriate to the general populace or specific jobs:

Safety Checklist
It is every employee’s responsibility to be on the lookout for possible hazards. If you spot one of the conditions on the following list—or any other possible hazardous situation—report it to your supervisor immediately.

Safety equipment

Your supervisor will see that you receive the protective clothing and equipment required for your job. Use them as instructed and take care of them. You will be charged for loss or destruction of these articles only when it occurs through negligence.

Safety shoes

The entity will designate which jobs and work areas require safety shoes. Under no circumstances will an employee be permitted to work in sandals or open-toe shoes. A reliable safety shoe vendor will visit the department periodically. Notices will be posted prior to the visits.

Safety glasses

The wearing of safety glasses by all shop employees is mandatory. Strict adherence to this policy can significantly reduce the risk of eye injuries.

Seat belts

All employees must use seat belts and shoulder restraints (if available) whenever they operate a vehicle on entity business. The driver is responsible for seeing that all passengers in front and rear seats are buckled up.

Good housekeeping

Your work location should be kept clean and orderly. Keep machines and other objects (merchandise, boxes, shopping carts, etc.) out of the center of aisles. Clean up spills, drips, and leaks immediately to avoid slips and falls. Place trash in the proper receptacles. Stock shelves carefully so merchandise will not fall over upon contact.