Accident Reporting, Investigation and Analysis

Sample Manual Language

All accidents and injuries occurring to [name of public entity] property or involving entity-related activities must be reported to the safety coordinator immediately. If a workers' compensation other claim is evident, the safety coordinator should contact the entity's insurance agent or broker within 24 hours at [phone number] during normal business hours, and the [name of insurance company] claim reporting desk insert number] for off-hours emergencies.

Accident Investigation Procedures

The senior staff member available at the accident scene or the first such staff member notified should complete the appropriate investigation reporting form (accident, incident, near miss). The completed form should be submitted to the entity’s safety committee, which will forward a copy of the report to the safety coordinator for review. When an employee is injured:

  1. Get the person professional medical attention.
  2. Protect others.
  3. Minimize property damage.
  4. Stabilize the situation.
  5. Conduct an investigation.

General guidelines for investigating accidents: