Safe Behaviors

Answer “Yes” or “No.”

Employees are trained in safe procedures for all tasks associated with their job description.

Employees understand how to prevent accidents and injuries.

Safety procedures are part of all new employee orientation.

Unsafe behaviors are identified immediately by supervisors and corrective actions are specified and enforced.

Employees know what Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is necessary for their tasks, and that they are required to wear the relevant PPE.

Employees know how to maintain and store tools and other equipment.

Employees are trained in how to safely lift and transport heavy or bulky items.

Employees know how to handle money and other valuables in a way that does not invite theft or crime.

Employees are discouraged from remaining alone in the office or workplace late into the evening.

Safety is in your in your goals and objectives.

The language used in the overarching goals, objectives and performance expectations reflect safety.

Safety issues and expectations are clearly articulated in various defining documents.