Preventing Workplace Violence


Answer “Yes” or “No.”

The nonprofit has a zero-tolerance policy toward workplace violence against or by workers.

The nonprofit has a workplace violence prevention program or incorporated the information into an existing accident prevention program, employee handbook, or manual of standard operating procedures.

All employees know the policy and understand that all claims of workplace violence will be investigated and remedied promptly.

Safety education is provided for all workers so they know what conduct is not acceptable, what to do if they witness or are subjected to workplace violence, and how to protect themselves.

The workplace is secure. Where appropriate to the mission, the nonprofit has installed video surveillance, extra lighting, and alarm systems and minimized access by outsiders through identification badges, electronic keys, and guards.

The nonprofit has a “buddy system” or provides an escort service or police assistance in potentially dangerous situations or at night.

Employees are taught how to recognize, avoid, or diffuse potentially violent situations by attending personal safety training programs.

Procedures for reporting and logging all incidents and threats of workplace violence are developed and presented.

Prompt medical evaluation and treatment are provided after any incident.

Violent incidents are reported to the local police promptly.

Victims of workplace violence are informed of their legal right to prosecute perpetrators.