Preventing Harassment/Hostile Environment


Check “Yes” or “No.”

The nonprofit has adopted, disseminates and consistently enforces a written “No Harassment” policy.

The “no harassment” policy is updated at least annually.

The nonprofit educates staff members about what sexual harassment is, how to protect themselves and how to report harassment.

The nonprofit ensures that employees and volunteers understand, through harassment policy and training, that no one in the nonprofit has the authority to require sexual favors for job benefits.

The nonprofit takes claims of harassment seriously and seeks advice of legal counsel.

The nonprofit investigates and takes appropriate corrective action following actual or constructive notice of the harassment.

The nonprofit investigates claims of sexual harassment by employees, volunteers, temporary help and contract workers, unless legal counsel advises otherwise.

The nonprofit can takes appropriate corrective action when it becomes aware of sexual harassment by non-employees (through actual or constructive notice).