Heavy Equipment


Runovers caused by falls from tractors and other heavy equipment are a common form of unintentional injuries. Falls from machinery can be prevented by adopting these basic practices:

Wear shoes and boots with slip-resistant soles and heels.

Keep platforms, foot-plates and steps clear of mud, snow, manure or other debris.

Before moving, check the equipment to see that no one has climbed aboard without your knowledge.

Remove tools or other items that may cause a tripping hazard from the operator platform.

Insist that no one ride on equipment except those required for its operation, instruction, or diagnostics.

Reduce speed on rough, uneven or hilly ground.

Watch for obstacles.

Wait for the tractor to stop before getting off. Set brakes and step down using handholds or rails. No one should jump off a moving tractor.

Whenever possible, equip tractors with a Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) cab. They are more comfortable, give overhead protection, and prevent falls from tractors.

(Information supplied by the National Safety Council's Agricultural Division.)