Preventing Injuries and Homicides from Robberies and Crimes in Retail Establishments


Answer “Yes” or “No.”

Parking lots and walkways are well lit.

Cash and cash registers are located away from the entry doors.

Cash box or cash register is locked when unattended.

Provide drop safes to limit the amount of cash on hand. Keep a minimal amount of cash in registers during evenings and late-night hours.

Procedures are in place for dealing with retail theft and/or robberies. Safety is emphasized — heroics are not appropriate.

Valuable merchandise is secured and can only be accessed by an authorized staff person.

Have security guards greet all visitors and examine personal belongings being brought into the building or office area.

Restrict access to the facility through locked or guarded entryways.

Keep storage rooms, boiler rooms, telephone and utility closets, and similar potential hiding places locked or off-limits to visitors.

Use easily distinguishable identification badges for staff and for visitors.

Require visitors to be accompanied by staff employees to and from the facility entrance.

Request that visitors display identification to security personnel when they sign in.

Keep detailed logs on the arrival and departure times of all visitors.

Consider using the services of a certified protection professional to evaluate in detail your company’s personnel and physical security safeguards.