Electrical Safety


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     Are qualified maintenance employees instructed to make preliminary inspections and/or appropriate tests to determine what conditions exist before starting work on electrical equipment? 1910.303(b)(1)
      When electrical equipment is to be serviced, maintained, or adjusted, are necessary switches open, locked out and tagged whenever possible? 1910.147
      Are electrical tools and fixed equipment grounded or of the double-insulated type? 1910.304(f)(5)(iv)
      Are electrical appliances such as vacuum cleaners, polishers, vending machines, etc., grounded?? 1910.304(f)(5)(iv)
      Are exposed wiring and cords with frayed or deteriorated insulation repaired or replaced promptly? 1910.305(g)(1)(i)
      Are flexible cords and cables free of splices? 1910.305(g)(1)(i)
      In wet or damp locations, are electrical tools and equipment protected? 1910.303(b)(1)
      Are all energized parts of electrical circuits and equipment guarded against accidental contact by approved cabinets or enclosures? 1910.303(g)(2)(i)
      Is sufficient access and working space provided and maintained about all electrical equipment to permit ready and safe operations and maintenance? 1910.303(g)(1)(i)
      Are employees who regularly work on or around energized electrical equipment or lines trained in CPR? 1910.269(b)(1)

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Note: Document all follow-up actions necessary and taken to ensure the maximum level of worker health and safety.

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