Electronic Office Equipment Safety


Answer “Yes” or “No.”

Office equipment which is manufactured with grounded plugs as a precaution (three prong plugs) is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

The third (grounding) prong is never removed from any three-prong piece of equipment.

Because electrical appliances can be fire hazards, all appliances are powered down at the end of the day.

Staff and volunteers are trained that if electrical equipment malfunctions or gives off a strange odor, disconnect it and call the appropriate maintenance personnel.

Cracked, frayed, or broken electrical cords are promptly disconnected and replaced.

Extension cords are kept clear of doorways and other areas where they can be stepped on or chafed.

Extension cords are never plugged one into another or fastened with staples, hung from nails, or suspended by wire.

Worn or frayed cords and cables are removed from service.

Cords are not pulled or dragged over nails, hooks, or other sharp objects that may cause cuts in the insulation.

Cords are never placed on radiators, steam pipes, walls, and windows.

Electrical panel doors are kept closed, to prevent "electrical flashover" in the event of an electrical malfunction.

Wall receptacles are designed and installed so that no current-carrying parts will be exposed, and outlet plates should be kept tight to eliminate the possibility of shock.

Electrical machines are disconnected before cleaning, adjusting, or applying flammable solutions.