Fact Sheet

Storage and Care of Repair and Maintenance Tools

Every facility needs tools to carry out repair and maintenance functions. These tools can range from simple hand tools to power generators used in an emergency. All tools are effective when used properly. Most tools can be a safety hazard if they are not used, stored and maintained in the proper manner.


All organizations must have procedures for training personnel in the use of repair and maintenance tools. Even the simplest tool, such as a screwdriver, can be a safety hazard if improperly used. The procedures should include the following:


Many states and local governments have special requirements for the storage and use of maintenance equipment. It is vital that an organization understands these requirements prior to using the tools. The local building inspection department is a good source for finding these regulations.

Examples of state and local government rules:


Tools and equipment must be maintained if they are to be operated in a safe and effective manner. Elements of good maintenance requirements include:


Tools and equipment must be used and stored in a proper manner to insure usability of the equipment. This requires the establishment of procedure for training, operating, storing and maintaining this equipment.

Storage and Care of Repair and Maintenance Tools Checklist