Fact Sheet

Maintenance Issues

Maintenance is vital to any facility if it is to operate in a safe and effective manner. Maintenance can be a costly element of facility operations in terms of dollars and impact on operations. Maintenance can also be a potential workplace safety issue if not properly addressed.

There are three common types of maintenance:

Regardless of the type of maintenance, a number of important activities must take place if the maintenance is to be carried out in a safe manner:


Have a plan for every maintenance activity. This plan should include the safety procedures for isolating the equipment, the equipment needed for the maintenance including safety equipment, identification of who will do the maintenance including qualification and identification of the supervisor to sign off when the job is finished and the equipment restored to ?ready for operation? status. If the maintenance is carried out repeatedly, this plan can be reused. If it is an emergency or one time repair, the plan should be made up before maintenance is started.


Manufacturer's recommendations

Use an Internet search engine, such as Google or Yahoo or Dog Pile to find the homepage of the manufacturer. Search for downloadable maintenance instructions or a phone number to call. Have the details of the device, serial number, model number before making contact.

Maintenance Issues Checklist

Floor Maintenance and Repair

Roof Maintenance and Repair

Water Leakage and Mold

Storage, Care and Repair of Tools