Fact Sheet

Floor Maintenance and Repair

Floor covering contributes to both the attractiveness and the functionality of a building. The appropriate floor covering, from wool carpeting to painted cement, must be selected with functionality as well as attractiveness in mind. Floor covering has the highest use of any part of a building; thus, it must also be maintained if its usefulness is to be continued.

Assuming that the appropriate floor covering was originally installed, the maintenance and repair of the floor covering should accomplish the following:

Keep the floor covering safe for use.

Eliminate health hazards.

When conducting floor maintenance, the following should be done to insure maintenance is not creating a personnel hazard:


Floor coverings must be regularly and properly maintained if the proper function and safety of the coverings are to be preserved. This maintenance includes everything from vacuuming the floor once a day, to refinishing a hard wood floor once every four to five years. Trained personnel, who always use the proper safety equipment and procedures, must do this maintenance.


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Floor Maintenance and Repair Checklist