Elevators, Escalators and Stairways


Answer "Yes" or "No."


Is the elevator inspected and serviced on a regular schedule?

Is the elevator capacity posted in the elevator car?

Is there an emergency phone in the elevator?

Are turnaround spaces in elevators 51-inches wide to conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act?


Is there an escalator in your facility?

Is the escalator inspected, maintained and repaired on a regular basis?

Is there an emergency stop button at the top or bottom of each escalator?


Are interior and exterior stairways and ramps and handrails inspected, evaluated and repaired?

Do interior stairways have safety edges or rubber treads?

Are stairways kept free of debris and clutter?

Are stairway surfaces cleaned regularly to remove sticky substances that could cause trips and falls?

Are spills mopped up immediately to prevent slips and falls?