Fact Sheet

Building an Effective Workplace-safety Program

Setting up a Safety Program

How to get started?

The process begins by organizing the people involved. The people to involve include supervisors, employees, volunteers, safety specialists, legal counsel, and health specialists.

Set aside the necessary time

It is important to set aside enough time \ but not get bogged down \ to create a program that will work for your organization. Sufficient time needs to be allocated in the overall calendar for plan development, implementation and roll-out; introduction; and ongoing training to all staff.

Gather resources

The safety program needs to be tailored to your nonprofit. The material that needs to be gathered in advance includes information on job functions, and accident history (work-related accidents, auto accidents and business-related accidents, such as slips and falls for employees and volunteers). If applicable, information on OSHA visits and inspections should be included, as well as insurance information and resources.

Review pertinent legislation

The Americans with Disabilities Act establishes an employer's affirmative duty to accommodate qualified employees and volunteers or job applicants in performing the essential aspects of a job. Some accommodations can be achieved by making changes in personnel selection and training procedures to eliminate requirements that are not essential to a particular job. Accommodations can also be achieved by restructuring the job to eliminate nonessential tasks and modifying work schedules. It is important that the employer's commitment to reasonable accommodation is emphasized in writing in the safety manual and employee and volunteer handbooks. The Title I employment provisions apply to private employers, state and local governments, employment agencies, and labor unions with 15 or more employees.

Seek assistance through OSHA's consultation services

Consultation services are not enforcement! This is an important distinction, so don't overlook this important opportunity to gather knowledge from the experienced.

Setting up a Safety Program Checklist