Compiling a Safety Manual Checklist

Answer "Yes" or "No."

The design of the workplace safety manual is consistent with your organization's needs and culture.

The board and senior management have made a visible commitment to workplace safety.

ADA considerations have been built into the workplace-safety manual.

Safety issues relative to the size and arrangement of work space have been addressed.

Safety issues relative to the physical demands of the tasks to be performed have been addressed.

Safety issues relative to the design of tools and other devises people use have been addressed.

Sufficient time and resources have been committed to the project.
Staff, volunteers, board members and senior management understand that workplace safety is an ongoing endeavor and the manual is slated to be updated at least annually.

The organization's written safety and health policy are posted for all to see.

Employees are involved in policy making on safety and health issues.

Employees are required to regularly and thoroughly maintain equipment and vehicles.

Employees and volunteers know how to use and maintain personal protective equipment.

Employees and volunteers are trained in proper procedures for handling specific situations.

All employees know how to activate the emergency response system.