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The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc.


Founded in 1901 by New Yorker and social activism pioneer, Mary Harriman, The Junior League is an organization of transformational female leaders who set bold goals, open their circles, disrupt convention and change the conversation for the betterment of civil society. Today, there are Leagues across the United States, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Our members are at the forefront of tackling society’s thorniest issues—the refugee crisis, the opioid crisis, human trafficking, foster care, juvenile justice, teen self-esteem, cybercrimes, literacy and the environment, among others—to strengthen the social, cultural and political fabric of our civil society.

As a result of this work, The Junior League has amassed an archive of irrefutable results and an indisputable reputation as thoughtful and influential change agent for the public good.

What program at AJLI makes you the proudest? 

At the Association level we are proudest of the six women’s leadership conferences we offer each year to our members. We provide the insights, skills and tools that women need to be effective volunteer, civic leaders. Our members regularly tell us that our in-person and online learning is better than anything else they have participated in – other conferences and corporate training. 

At the League level there are so many examples of how our members use their leadership. A recent example is the Junior League of Birmingham, Alabama and its Community Roundtables during which the League invites community leaders to engage in conversations about critical issues of the day such as diversity and inclusion and LGBTQ.

As a nonprofit leader, what sorts of trends do you see in the next 5 years? 

  • Focus on Risk tolerance vs. Risk mitigation.  Organizations will test their risk appetite to gain certain outcomes.  There won’t be a scale that organizations take but rather tolerance for risk will vary, depending on the natures of its impact.
  • Further engagement through creative uses of social media, especially video. Videos and Virtual Reality will take over static images.
  • Personal/Physical checks will become obsolete. Young people do not own physical checks who are the future donors.  Organizations will have to set up for donors and vendors to pay online.
  • Associations will look at merger and acquisition opportunities due to increasing competition and declining membership with baby boomers retiring and preference for online engagement by younger membership

How has the Nonprofit Risk Management Center Affiliate Program helped AJLI accomplish more? 

  • Access to the Risk Help service allows Leagues to pose insurance and other questions to experts.  It’s an important way that we add value to our members.
  • The Affiliate Member Dashboard, as well as the Webinar Vault search tool, make finding tools and resources much easier.


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