Put on Your Thinking Map: Create a Contingency Map in 5 Steps

By Melanie Lockwood Herman A short plane ride to Columbus on Saturday offered the ideal opportunity to catch up on overdue reading from some of my favorite weekly e-newsletters. One piece from the team at McKinsey caught my eye by combining two favorite topics in a single headline: “Bias busters: Up-front contingency planning”. The authors … Continued

Happy Boxing Day!

By Melanie Lockwood Herman In the spirit of Boxing Day, the holiday celebrated in nations of the British Commonwealth and in the American Commonwealth of Massachusetts, this edition of the RISK eNews contains a “boxed set” of resources. Reflection Questions for 2018 During multiple consulting engagements this year my conversations with clients focused on the … Continued

Publishing Rights: Fair And Fit To Print

Online aggregators have a pesky habit of repackaging content they’ve trolled from the web, rather than paying for and producing original content. You may have discovered this yourself, spotting your content or intellectual property cut up and republished without attribution or license by a third party. A nonprofit may even find their content is being … Continued

Best of Risk Management Essentials

Explore this RISK eNewsletter filled with some of our most popular issues of Risk Management Essentials (RME), our magazine published three times each year. Visit the RME archive for more issues and articles! Manage Risk with an Eye for Ethics Ethics serves as a foundation for the risk management work initiated by many NRMC clients … Continued

Employment Practices Risk Resources

Explore this RISK eNewsletter filled with tips and resources for managing employment practices risk. CEO and Staff Succession Planning Avoid transition trauma by reading our practical articles on succession planning: Avoid Transition Trauma with a CEO Succession Plan Staff Succession Planning Employment Policies, Safety, and Screening Read The Employment Issue of our newsletter, Risk Management … Continued

Salient Safety Resources

December 1, 2017 Explore this RISK eNewsletter focused on workplace safety. Whiteboard Wisdom Videos on Workplace Safety The NRMC team recently collaborated with Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.’s Nonprofit Practice to develop a series of Whiteboard Wisdom videos on various workplace safety and risk topics. Watch the Whiteboard Wisdom videos focused on workplace safety: Workplace … Continued

Risk Leadership Resources for Nonprofit Risk Champions

November 30, 2017 Explore this RISK eNewsletter filled with risk leadership resources What Star Trek Taught Me about Risk Leadership There’s not exactly a Starfleet Academy for nonprofit risk professionals, like in the beloved television and film series, Star Trek. So how will you know when you reach the status of a commissioned officer, ready … Continued

Valiant Volunteerism: Managing Volunteer Risk & Reward

December 12, 2017 Enjoy this RISK eNewsletter filled with volunteer risk management resources! The Frankenstein Effect: Misclassifying Your Volunteers The NRMC team fields lots of questions about worker classification. If you misclassify a worker, you increase the likelihood of various downside risks, including financial penalties and poor morale. Read about The Frankenstein Effect to prevent … Continued

How can I convince my board that they should be involved in fundraising?

If your board doesn’t take its responsibility to fund raise seriously, then your organization is at risk. A board has a legal duty of “due care” that involves ensuring that there are enough resources for the organization now, and in the future. If you can’t get your board to accept the old adage, “give, get … Continued