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Join us in 2013 for a brand-new line-up of content-intensive educational webinars. These affordable, convenient programs will inspire best-in-class risk management at your nonprofit.

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January 9 / 2 p.m.

Risk Champions: What's in a Name?

The risk champion in a nonprofit may be called Risk Manager, CFO, Chief Risk Officer, Director of Special Projects or even CEO. Despite the varying titles, the clear trend in the nonprofit sector is to designate a point person to champion the design and implementation of best-in-class risk management. This webinar explores the role of the risk champion and key steps to positioning the risk champion for success. Topics that will be addressed include: critical skills, working with a risk management committee, risk reporting tools and strategies, and gaining buy-in from stakeholders inside and outside the nonprofit.

$59.00    Select “Risk Champions: What's in a Name?”

February 6 / 2 p.m.

Reference Checking

At one point or another, most of us have mistakenly hired an ill-suited candidate or someone who was a poor fit for the job or our nonprofit. Watch this webinar to find out how and why reference checking is the most important asset in your screening toolkit. If you want to avoid hiring another dud, you won’t want to miss this content-packed program offering practical advice on reference checking. The program covers the 3 worst and 5 best questions to ask a reference, as well as practical tips for getting around the brick wall that many employers erect to avoid giving substantive references.

$59.00    Select “Reference Checking”

March 7 / 2 p.m.

Risk in the Cloud: Keep Your Assets Protected When Flying High

Are you leery of cloud computing? Many nonprofit leaders are considering the upsides of cloud computing, but remain concerned about data security in the cloud. This webinar will explore security risks in a cloud computing environment and offer actionable tips and recommendations to smooth your transition to the cloud. This content-packed webinar will address the risks of low information assets control; categorizing information in the cloud; and the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of cloud data.

$59.00    Select “Risk in the Cloud: Keep Your Assets Protected When Flying High”

April 3 / 2 p.m.

Risk Oversight: Who, What and How

Who’s “minding the store” in your risk management program? Although many nonprofit leaders intuitively understand the need for risk oversight, designing a custom-fit framework takes time and attention. This webinar will explore the concept of risk oversight, including who exercises ultimate authority and responsibility for risk in a nonprofit, what methods of oversight work well in a nonprofit environment, and how you can move your oversight body from acknowledging their responsibility to moving ahead with an action plan. Whether risk oversight is assigned to the full board, the audit committee or a risk management committee, this program will offer practical tips and strategies you can put to use without delay.

$59.00    Select “Risk Oversight: Who, What and How”

May 1 / 2 p.m.

HR Risk: Take the High Road without Getting Lost

Employment risks bear a hefty price tag in a nonprofit workplace. From poor morale to costly litigation, allegations of wrongful, inappropriate or illegal employment practices threaten a nonprofit’s mission. This webinar offers practical, road-tested advice for minimizing the likelihood of employment claims and avoiding common HR missteps

$59.00    Select “HR Risk: Take the High Road without Getting Lost”

June 5 / 2 p.m.

Donors, Not Danger: Managing Fundraising Risk

Do you remember the days when raising money was fun? In today’s age of complex regulations, finicky social-media savvy donors, and unprecedented costs for old-fashioned direct mail and telemarketing, fundraising may be “fundamental” to mission fulfillment, but it’s far from fun and games. Watch this webinar to explore some of the most common risks in nonprofit fundraising, and learn practical tips for steering clear of trouble.

$59.00    Select “Donors, Not Danger: Managing Fundraising Risk”

July 10 / 2 p.m.

BYOD: Managing the Risk of Personal Devices at Work

Many nonprofit employees are asking to use personal devices for business purposes, including devices containing apps, music collections, photos and more. This webinar explores the risks and rewards of the “BYOD” movement — Bring Your Own Device. Watch this program for practical advice on managing the risks of dual-use devices in a nonprofit workplace, including technological safeguards, organizational policy and employee education. The program concludes with advice about sticky situations where BYOD policies had unintended results.

$59.00    Select “BYOD: Managing the Risk of Personal Devices at Work”

August 7 / 2 p.m.

Conflicts of Interest: Uncover, Understand and Act

There are just two types of nonprofits: the type that chooses to manage conflicts of interest and the type that chooses to ignore them. Attend this webinar to gain a nuanced and practical view about conflicts of interest in a nonprofit organization. Join us to learn how to develop a fit-to-suit approach to revealing and managing conflicts of interest, including those that have the potential to bolster your mission in the long-term. Conflicts of interest happen in every nonprofit; it’s up to you to decide how to define the term in your context, how to ensure that conflicts are surfaced on a timely basis, and how you will react when conflicts are disclosed to protect the vital mission and interests of your organization.

$59.00    Select “Conflicts of Interest: Uncover, Understand and Act”

September 11 / 2 p.m.

All That's Sacred: The Erosion of Employment at Will, the Regular Workday and Other HR Icons

From employment-at-will disclaimer statements to strict warnings about inappropriate out-of-work-conduct, the tried and true HR risk advice you’ve relied on for years may no longer be effective in keeping your nonprofit safe from claims and damages. What can you say and do without running afoul of the National Labor Relations Act? What restrictions on employee conduct are defensible in the social media age? This webinar will explore recent developments that affect some of the pillars of human resources, including employment at will, distinguishing between employees and independent contractors, and establishing expectations for proper dress, work hours and more.

$59.00    Select “All That's Sacred: The Erosion of Employment at Will, the Regular Workday and Other HR Icons”

October 2 / 2 p.m.

Tending the Garden of Complaints: Transforming How You Approach Stakeholder Discontent

It’s only human to feel hurt when someone rejects you. The same is true for our nonprofits; a stakeholder’s complaint feels like a dagger to the heart. Attend this webinar to transform your perspective on complaints. Learn how to recognize the smart feedback that lies within a complaint, and regain the confidence of your stakeholders by capitalizing on their generous, albeit critical feedback. By the end of this webinar, you will understand the wisdom of cultivating complaints as if they were a garden of roses.

$59.00    Select “Tending the Garden of Complaints: Transforming How You Approach Stakeholder Discontent”

November 6 / 2 p.m.

EPLI: What You Need to Know

Employment practices liability insurance has been available to nonprofit employers for decades. EPL policies generally respond to claims alleging wrongful employment practices, such as sexual harassment and illegal discrimination. This webinar will cover the “ins” and “outs” of EPLI so you can gauge the coverage your nonprofit needs. Topics to be covered include nuances of EPL coverage forms, common misperceptions about employment practices policies, and practical steps for making certain that your policy is sufficiently broad and suited to your circumstances.

$59.00    Select “EPLI: What You Need to Know”

December 4 / 2 p.m.

Employee, Independent Contractor or Volunteer: Status Matters

Most nonprofit organizations retain personnel who serve as full and part-time employees, independent contractors and volunteers. Yet many nonprofit leaders struggle with determining which staff belong in each grouping, and some wonder: does it really matter? Attend this webinar to learn why classification matters, and how to avoid common mistakes and costly penalties related to classification. You’ll also get answers to your thorniest questions about “status,” including whether an employee of a nonprofit may also volunteer, what key factors render “independent contractor” status a poor choice, and what immediate steps are recommended to either audit your practices or correct errors in classification.

$59.00    Select “Employee, Independent Contractor or Volunteer: Status Matters”

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