Hallmarks of a Risk-Aware Nonprofit

Hallmark #8: Tells It Like It Is


  1. The Nonprofit Risk Management Center’s web site provides a Fact Sheet on Crisis Communication.
  2. To view a template media spokesperson policy, click here.
  3. The Center’s publication, Vital Signs, Anticipating, Preventing and Surviving a Crisis in a Nonprofit offers practical pointers and samples that may be helpful as your nonprofit plans to survive a crisis.
  4. Crafting the right press release is important whenever a nonprofit’s internal affairs might become fodder for media attention. Rather than trying to draft the release yourself, try to get help from a public relations expert—pro bono or otherwise.
  5. Learn how to draft an effective press release to tell your story and manage the message. The Knight Foundation has created an online tutorial that takes you step-by-step through the process of writing a press release. Click here.
  6. View press releases that other nonprofits have posted on their websites. The web site pr.com posts a collection of press releases issued by nonprofits: www.pr.com/news-by-category/138
  7. View a sample crisis communication plan drafted for and by the Colorado Association of Nonprofits that may help you get started on a plan for your organization. Click here.