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Summit for New Risk Champions

St. Petersburg Beach, FL
September 30, 2014

Countdown to Summit

This brand new event is for leaders who are new to risk management. Join us on the beautiful Gulf Coast for a gentle introduction to the discipline of risk management. The conference program is packed with practical information. You'll be joined by leaders who are also new to risk responsibility, so there's no need to worry that the content or atmosphere will be intimidating.

Member and Sponsor Discount

A registration discount is available for registrants whose organizations are Affiliate Members, or customers of Corporate Sustainers. Click here to see the list of organizations whose members or customers are eligible for the discount.

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How to Avoid the Top 10 Risk Management Traps

The Summit for New Risk Champions begins with a fast-paced keynote on the traps that often ensare nonprofit leaders and missions. If you're committed to becoming an effective, risk aware champion of sound risk maangement practice you won't want to miss the opportunity to hear the wit and wisdom of a trusted risk advisor to nonprofit management and governing teams. For nearly 20 years, Melanie Herman has provided sage counsel to nonprofit leaders unwilling to leave their missions to chance.

You'll learn:

  • why some traps are more dangerous or common than others
  • practical steps to avoid being caught in a trap
  • how to gracefully extricate yourself and others from a trap you couldn't avoid

Summit Sponsors

The Summit for New Risk Champions would not be possible without generous support from our sponsors. The following Corporate Sustainers of the Center are sponsors of the 2014 Summit for New Risk Champions:

To inquire about Corporate Sponsor or Corporate Sustainer status, contact Kay Nakamura at (202) 785-3891 or

Who Attends the Summit for New Risk Champions?

  • Nonprofit leaders who have recently accepted responsibility for risk management, risk oversight, risk and safety, insurance buying, risk and compliance, and other risk-related roles in a nonprofit or public entity
  • Nonprofit managers and professionals seeking a refresher course on risk management, liability risks, insurance-buying, crisis management, and other vital risk topics
  • Professional advisors to nonprofits, including lawyers, CPAs, and management consultants who want to add risk management to their portfolios.

Workshop Descriptions

Crisis Management

Being versed in crisis management can be an organization’s saving grace during a sensitive situation. Attend this workshop to learn tips for keeping your nonprofit’s reputation and mission-critical services intact during a crisis. You'll also learn how to devlop a crisis management plan, select and train a confident spokesperson, and  respond effectively and compassionately to victims and other stakeholders during a crisis.

Fraud Prevention

Mission-focused nonprofits require every available resource to deliver vital services to individuals, families and communities. When a trusted staff member or volunteer misappropriates a nonprofit’s cash or other assets, the organization can’t deliver on its promises to stakeholders. This workshop begins by dispelling common myths about fraud, including wrongful assumptions about employees who steal, the duration of a typical fraud scheme, and the manner in which a nonprofit can be robbed of its assets. The workshop continues with a practical framework for identifying vulnerabilities in financial management, internal controls, and security. The presenter will also outline steps to reduce the likelihood and the duration of a fraud scheme, and how to create a culture hostile to fraud.

Get Ready to Champion Risk Management!

The final 45-minute educational segment of the Summit for New Risk Champions is a fast-paced tour of must-have risk resources for nonprofit leaders. The program will be taught by the presenters of the preceding segments in small group settings. You will leave this short, but content-packed session with a practical "to do" list and the confidence to get it done.

Insurance 101

New to the wide world of commercial insurance? Perplexed about how to make certain your nonprofits gets the coverage you need at a fair price? Attend this workshop to stop worrying and learn how to manage a nonprofit insurance program with the confidence of a veteran. This fast-paced session, geared to newcomers (or professionals who need a "refresh"), will cover:

  • The major categories and types of commercial insurance typically purchased by nonprofits
  • How to read an insurance policy
  • Key players and relationships in the world of commercial insurance

Risk Management and Liability Basics

New to risk management? This session will help you dive in with confidence! The presentation will begin with an overview of common RM terms, concepts, roles and and processs. Then we'll practice a simple risk identification exercise that you'll be able to replicate back at your nonprofit. The session conclkudes with a fast-paced review of legal risk fundamentals. Special topics that will be covered include:

  • key terms in the world of liability risk, including negligence, gross negligence and more
  • waivers and releases: when and how to use liability shields for maximum effect 
  • vulnerable clientele: providing appropriate care without undue riskwith risk management

Risk Management Policies That Work

Creating risk policies for a nonprofit is as simple as using a popular search engines, right? Leaders of nonprofits saddled with overly complex, poorly written and unsuitable policies might beg to differ. This hands–on workshop will explore the fundamentals of policy design, development and implementation. Learn about common missteps in policy design and find out how to create custom policies that actually work. You'll learn: how to ask stakeholders what they think before telling them what you think, and how to stand in the shoes of the people who must comply with your policies.

Staff Departures: Unemployment Challenges, Claims, and Coverage

High rates of unemployment during the recent recession took a costly toll on State Unemployment Insurance Funds, which are running an aggregate deficit of over $14 billion. As a result, lawmakers have turned their focus on the Unemployment Insurance system and implementing major change. This workshop will explore:

  • changes to state unemployment systems and the impact of federal requirements and pending legislation on nonprofit employers
  • unemployment insurance coverage options currently available to 501(c)(3) nonprofits
  • tips on handling lack of work, voluntary quit and discharge separations
  • how to prepare for an unemployment hearing

This session is ideal for new risk champions from organizations with 10 or more staff.

Volunteer Risk Management: Keep Your Nonprofit's Heart Beating Strong

Nonprofit staff members say it all the time: ‘Volunteers are the heart of our mission.’ While volunteers offer us passion, hard work, and countless hours of selfless service, they also expose a nonprofit to risk. Is the nonprofit liable if a volunteer is injured? What if a volunteer’s actions lead to client injury or worse? What can your nonprofit do to make the volunteer experience rewarding AND safe? What steps are in order to minimize the likelihood and potential severity of risks suffered by or caused by volunteers? Find practical answers to these and other questions and return to your organization better informed and prepared for volunteer risks.

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