Consulting Services Overview

The Center offers affordable, client-tailored risk management consulting services. Unlike other firms that offer help in this area, we do not sell standard templates, assessment tools or “systems” for installation. Instead, we will try to understand your environment and circumstances, the nature of risk in your organization, and your risk management priorities. We will offer resources and support that we believe will help you accomplish your goals. In addition, as employees of a nonprofit organization, the Center’s consultants bring firsthand knowledge of the nonprofit sector and the risk issues that are somewhat unique to nonprofits.

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Our consulting work is quite diverse, yet we are frequently asked to examine and advise on risk in some of the following areas:


  • As your out-sourced risk manager. If your nonprofit is too small to afford a F-T risk manager or risk management department, we can help! Our staff can help you develop risk management goals, design practical tools, and train your leaders, managers and line-staff to embrace a culture conducive to risk awareness and safety.
  • Train hundreds or thousands of staff/volunteers or clients by designing a series of interactive webinars featuring custom content on a host of critical risk topics. Past clients of our webinar services include large associations, insurance companies, federated nonprofits, nonprofit networks, and more.
  • Design and deliver a fully-customized one or two day risk management conference on topics of importance to your members, clients, chapters, affiliates, or insureds. The Center has more than 20 years of experience as a conference sponsor, host, and facilitator. While you focus on getting the word out to prospective attendees, we’ll develop a high quality education program, confirm speakers, prepare substantive conference materials, and set up an easy-to-use online registration process. We can also prepare and send eBlasts to keep your attendees up to date as the conference date approaches.
  • Create a turn-key virtual risk management classroom featuring courses of your choosing on “hot topics” impacting your insureds, your members, your chapters—any group of nonprofits you serve.

Our Services: A Sampling of Recent Projects

Our service offerings are quite broad, and as indicated above, always client-focused. Examples of recent projects include:

  • Design and implementation of an Enterprise Risk Management Framework for a large, faith-based organization;
  • Design and delivery of an on-site training program for staff responsible for managing an Employee Assistance Program at an international scientific organization;
  • Design of a multi-course, virtual risk management classroom for a large insurance provider dedicated to serving nonprofits;
  • Risk Assessment involving the examination of risks facing a prominent grant-making organization;
  • Drafting of concise governance policies for a quasi-governmental agency;
  • Review of the performance management system at a large, international nonprofit and development of specific recommendations to improve the organization’s approach to evaluating personnel;
  • Review of existing risk management and human resource policies and drafting of updating and new policies in preparation for an accreditation visit;
  • Development of an online course on business continuity planning for a large nonprofit insurer;
  • Design of custom online risk management tools for a national youth-serving organization and its 900+ affiliates.

To inquire about our availability or to request a proposal, contact us by email or call Melanie Lockwood Herman at (202) 785-3891.